Friday, February 11, 2011


To give a little bit of back story, my hubby had a vasectomy after his youngest SD13 was born. He didn't want to have any more children with BM and never thought he would have more kids so in his 20's he had it done.

We decided before we even got married that we would have kids together. We knew that we would have to do a reversal or look into our other options. Unfortunately, due to him having this for almost 14 years now it doesn't look very positive for a successful reversal.

So, this week we went to see a fertility specialist. He came as a recommendation from 2 with a baby on the way, and one who gave birth 2 months ago. We had our consultation to discuss our options and he said the same thing...IVF is really our best bet. Because insurance doesn't cover a reversal or IVF it's all out of pocket. It is NOT cheap, and if we did the reversal and then it wasn't successful we'd have to do IVF on top of that making it even more of a financial blow.

The doctor went through all of the scientific logistics and answered all of our questions. My biggest being the chance of multiples. He said they would only implant 2 healthy embryos. So, worst case would be twins. Not a freakin' Octo-mom. THANK GOD! There are a lot of medical advancements. One being that we could do chromosome testing on the embryos and that would clear up any issues of Downs Syndrome, etc. They would also be able to tell us the sex. So, essentially we could decide what the sex of our child would be or if healthy...implant a boy and girl and see what happens. It was all really overwhelming but super exciting at the same time!

Now we need to decide when we want to do this. We can pick the time of year I would deliver. So, working back from that is when we are looking to start. If the 1st attempt was successful it could be done in about a 45 day window. I travel for my job and my hubby would need to give me some shots and the Dr. said he would like to see me off of the road for 3 weeks to be safe. Leading up to retrieving my eggs, fertilization, and implant...and giving me another week to "take it easy" as he said. He says it's pretty much a superstitious thing to "take it easy" and is funny because most people have sex, and then go on with their lives not even knowing they are getting pregnant. It's funny when you look at it that way, but I can see where once you are spending a shitload of money that you end up super paranoid of everything and I don't want to end up blaming myself if something goes wrong.

He gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins, and now hubby and I have major baby fever!

The skids won't know exactly what we are doing, but they saw my vitamins and asked about them. I just said they are vitamins a woman takes when she's planning on trying to get pregnant in the future. They aren't super happy about the idea of a baby around, but oh well. They'll get over it :)