Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not the parent...

So, since my last blog things have been very busy, but pretty drama free now that we've moved closer to the kids. We see them a lot more, things are more "normal" in our house, and we spend so much less time in the car going back and forth...back and forth...

Let's go back to the previously mentioned "promotion ceremony". You know...the one where we all had to take a picture together like one big happy dysfunctional family? Since we were all in the picture we don't have a picture of our own of this memorable moment. So, I contacted the woman who took the pictures to ask her for a JPEG file of 2 of them. She was nice enough, but won't give me copies because I'm not a parent. Ok, I get that...protect the kids...blah blah blah, but seriously... I'M IN THE PICTURES. So, I can't even get a copy of a picture of myself? They are ok with posting them on a WORLDWIDE website that I can't cut and paste from, but I can't get a copy? The love of my life has to request them.

It made me wonder what other things I won't have access to, and will this change when I have the same last name as the boy and girl? Hmmmmm


  1. Thats the one good thing about getting married. I don't usually specify my relationship, I just say "This is Mrs. Hubby's-last-name calling about Kid-with-the-same-last-name..." For all they know I could be his grandmother since we both are Mrs.with-the-same-last-name. And BM went back to her Maiden name, so its not like I am truly impersonating her, if they ask who I am I say his step mom. Of course the Kid always gets a big laugh when people think I am his mom and say "You 2 look so alike!" Thankfully he isn't rude and mouthy when people say this.

  2. It will be easier when you have the last name, yes. People often assume I'm the mom unless I say otherwise.

    (And then, when I do say otherwise, I hear, "I thought you looked too young..." and other choice comments. If they know their mom, then they think I'm a sister.)