Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello 2010!

To all of my blog followers I am so sorry for my little blogcation...I just needed a well deserved break from all of the steppie drama!

A few updates: Christmas was great! We had the kids Christmas Eve this year, and had a blast! I took another stepmom's advice on dinner ideas for Christmas Eve and we did a surf and turf night. The kids love crab and steak so we splurged! This year was the second year of us sharing Christmas together and the love of my life always gives them money to buy me a gift. This year they were even more thoughtful than last year. Not only did they get me things that I would like, but they also got me cards and wrote something nice in each one. I got pretty teared up that they were so nice...even if they don't realize how much it meant to me.

I had also written them letters and put them in their cards about how much I love them and I'm glad they have accepted me into their lives. I could tell they were really touched by my letters. We just get closer each year, and all of my patience and hard work are really paying off!

They spent Christmas with their mom, but came back for almost a week after that.

For New Year's we got to get out of town just my fiance and I. We went to visit my uncles and we went to a friend's wedding. The wedding got us excited about our wedding that's coming up in October. We hadn't really planned anything yet, and kept pushing it off until after the holidays. Well, the holidays are over, and the planning has started! We picked a place, and just when we thought it was "the one" and sent in a check...we found a different place that we can have our ceremony and reception at the same place. We immediately fell in love with the place we have now picked, and we were able to get our money back for the first place! I have no idea how the place where we will get married slipped through all of our research, but I'm glad we came across it! Not only did we find a great place, but in the process I have found an amazing photographer that I'm super excited to work with!

My SD12 is very excited and helping with cake, dresses, and a candy table. That seems to be the way to the girl's heart! We have honestly been having a great time with the planning, and the kids have been great! SS14 is excited because he is the best man and excited about his speech (which will be pre-read by grandpa to make sure it's all appropriate).

One other thing that I have to mention is that the love of my life had to go to mediation because the BM won't sign the 50/50 paperwork...they are now doing a 90 day trial of the 50/50 and at the end the court will help to make the decision if she still won't sign.

She won't sign because she knows she'll get less money in child support even though it's in the best interest of the kids. The kids are so happy with the 50/50 arrangement. Their grades are better than ever, and they are normal healthy teenagers. Living close is uncomfortable at times, but overall it is better for all of us. My relationship with them has gotten better 110% by being able to spend normal time with them instead of just every other weekend. The BM is still a pain in the ass, but that will never change. The kids stand up to her more, and they are speaking up for what they want instead of what mom wants all the time.

For now...things are good! Hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays!


  1. Wow! Busy, busy. I recently found your blog while searching for step-mom related blogs and Im finding it an interesting read! I have one of my own and 4 step kids. Ive known the step kids for 10 years but have only been 'officially' step mum for 2.5 of those years. Theyre great kids and we all get along very well, but their mum and I have had some real difficulties!!

    Its great to find other bloggers in a similar situation.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! When hubby and I got married we had the ceremony and the reception at the same place, and it worked out great!

    It amazes me how these BM's put what is best for their children aside just so they can get some more money. I hope everything works out and that the courts grant you 50/50 after the 90 day trial.