Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The BM and the BF

Let me start by saying that I can't understand why the BM is so needy of SD's attention. She texts her all the time, and acts as though she can't live without her. She doesn't do this of SS since he has basically let her know she needs to back off a bit. She is so annoying with her "oh baby I love you and miss you so much" crap. Really? It's been a few hours since she came to our house. You could have spent time with her last night but you don't give a shit about your kids...why do you care when they leave for our house? Because you are a manipulative psycho. onto a new thing. We have looked at the public family court case records for our state and found that the BM's BF has not only 1 kid but at least 3 kids to 2 different wives and a lover. Yet, they only know about one. Also, he's younger than he has claimed or at least told the kids he is. about the whole Stepfather movie coming close to home. I struggle with the idea of telling the kids what we found and just leaving it be. One case we found on him included some domestic abuse stuff. So...was this beating the wife? The kid? What? Should the BM and the kids be informed of this information...or worse, does the BM actually know and not give a shit about person she has moved into her home?

It drives me crazy that the kids think he's some super stand up honest guy, but he obviously has at least lied to them if not lying to them and their mom about how many kids he has and who he really is.

The BM makes all these horrible statements about us, and how bad dad or me are and it drives me crazy to know that her own BF isn't exactly who he says he is. I knew something was off when he moved in only a few months after starting to date. What 31 year old guy is moving in with a 40 year old divorced women of 2 teenagers if something isn't going on. Now we know, but are torn with what to do with the information...


  1. Certainly don't tell the kids! This isn't their baggage to handle. I'd say you could take the info to BM but I'd doubt she would care. It's probably best not to say anything to anyone for now, but know that you have some things to be looking out for.

  2. I wouldn't tell the Kids unless they start is with a "He is so great, and you guys are so bad" rant. I don't try to bad mouth BM, but I will defend myself/my hubby when the kids starts spouting BS he knows nothing about.

  3. Do not tell the kids. This is tooo much for them. Your husband should somehow tell the mother.

    (Just let me know when he will be doing that so that I can look west and witness the mushroom cloud.)

    Writing from the suburbs of Chicago,

    Denise Burks