Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Shocker!

So, last night we celebrated my upcoming birthday with my skids. Because we don't usually have them for my birthday (by my request to have time alone with my FH for my birthday than with everyone) we celebrate it on a different day. This is the 3rd birthday of mine that I've known the kids for, and the first one they didn't do anything. Last year, they each got me something and we had cake with some prodding from my FH to do so. This year, they went above and beyond!

I got home from work, and SS14 met me at the car and carried my laptop bag in. Wow :) Then I walked into a house filled with streamers and at the end of the hallway my SD13 was waiting in an apron and holding a glass of wine. Thank you very much wine gods, I am shocked as she hands me this :) My FH was fast at work cooking dinner, and my favorite band "Coldplay" was playing on the stereo. My SD tells me to take my shoes off and come into the living room. When I get there she has set up a new foot bath/pedicure thing and has magazines laying on the couch and a foot stool with lotion next to it. She tells me that this is her gift and that she is going to give me a pedicure and massage my feet! NO FREAKIN' WAY! The girl doesn't even like giving me hugs and now she's going to touch my feet! I AM SHOCKED! While I sit back and relax I start thinking about how far things have really come in my relationship with the kids. I actually feel my eyes well up a little bit while I think about how all of my frustration and hardwork is paying off with a loving relationship with my FH and my skids. My fiance even lips to me that this was all her idea and how shocked he is. My SS tops off my wine as it gets low, and after almost an hour of a pedicure/massage dinner is ready. We eat a great meal and then SS gives me my gift. A shakeweight (which I knew it's what he would give me because he loves giving me As Seen on TV gifts that we make fun of...last year was a Snuggie). So, they make me do the 6 minute workout video that comes with it...let me say, that thing is harder than it looks and the chick on the video is creepy as hell. I think it might actually work a little though...

We have my favorite ice cream cake, watch a little Dexter, and my FH and I head to bed. What a great birthday from the skids this year. Seriously...I am one lucky lady!

Today I got up early and bought the kids each their favorite Starbucks and taking them to lunch. Something I had planned already as a surprise for them today, but then last night made me want to do it even more!

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