Monday, July 13, 2009

The Reaction!

I spent the day at the spa enjoying my engagement and preparing for our announcement to the kids. When I got home the love of my life tells me that he accidentally left pics of our trip out in the bedroom they stay in so the boy saw pictures of my ring. Doh! Weren’t we trying to tell them together in person? The boy asks him, “So…why is she taking pictures of a ring? Did she get a new ring?” Um yeah, she got a new ring alright. They didn’t continue the conversation, but when I arrived home about 30 minutes later, the first thing the boy says, “so, I see you got a new ring.” I’m like, “yeah, nice huh?” He’s like, “did you get that on your trip?” “Um yeah.” Finally we decide to just make the announcement and start the conversation.

The boy’s first reaction was, “I knew it! I knew it! I knew it was an engagement ring!” He proceeds to tell us how he knew it was coming and he’s totally cool with it because it’s not much different than things are now with us living together. Very true…smart kid!

The girl’s first reaction was to go back into the house and not really talk about it, but NO WAY…the love of my life wanted this out in the open. He has her come back outside to talk about it, and she finally says, “yeah, it’s kinda weird, but I’m not surprised”.

We talk for awhile at dinner about the wedding, when it will happen, and the love of my life tells them how he would like for them to stand up in the wedding also. He asks the boy to be his best man, and he is through the roof excited. “Can I plan a bachelor party? Can I drink? Do I get to make a speech?” Um, first of all…you are still a young teenager so you won’t be planning some kind of stripper bachelor party or drinking booze. Nice try though kid…I give you props for asking. He will get to give a speech and he’s so excited. I think he’s words are, “this is awesome…I get to be the best man!” The girl is excited because she gets to be in a wedding, loves dresses, and realizes now that she gets to help pick the wedding cake. A personal favorite food for her, and she is more than willing to lend a hand with that job.

Overall, the conversation and reaction are all WAY better than I imagined.

Then they call the BM to tell her. The girl spends very little time talking to her and says, “I told her you are getting married, but I don’t want to tell her too much and hurt her feelings.” Smart kid too, and this is great because the less the BM knows…the better. I know the BM is going to start adding things up in her head trying to figure out how much money we are spending on things, and how much she thinks she should be getting in more child support and alimony. Because all this BM cares about is money…and let’s be very clear that she gets more money per month than she deserves. The boy gets on the phone and very excitedly proceeds to tell the BM all about how awesome things are going to be, and how happy he is about being the best man. She then asks him, “so, did you say yes?” “well of course mom…it’s going to be awesome!” Points for us!

A very interesting night, but all in all we got very good reactions from them. No telling what’s to come…

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