Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a great weekend!

Let me just say that I had hoped it would be a good weekend, and it was actually BETTER than I expected!

I had been traveling for work, and landed at the airport around 8pm. I let my FH know that I was heading home and he said they were waiting for me to have dinner. WHAT?!?!?! You and 2 teenagers are waiting? Not only that, it was SS14 and his GF15 that were there, my SD12 was at a sleepover. When I got home everyone was so nice to me, the GF was making pancakes and they were setting the table. SS came out to the car to bring my bag in (although he got distracted and never really offered...he said he was so distracted by his GF's outfit and her looking so cute...awwwwwwee!) We sat down and had a great (breakfast) dinner together talking and laughing and I thought to myself. Wow, this is my life...it's a good life, and we've come so far. I love that I'm spending my Friday night eating pancakes with my fiance and 2 teenagers that are happy! Wow! BTW, funny thing is that the GF was saying she doesn't think the BM likes her and that she's not as nice. Shocker, BM isn't exactly Molly McNice. Score another one for me :)

Saturday we got up and went to the gym without the kids and had some time alone, before we headed out of town for a 3 hour drive to see my FH's parents. We had a great car ride talking and joking around, and then had a great dinner with my future in laws. Damn, I love those people. They have been so accepting and nice to me, and are NOT at all the dreaded in-laws. I think it helps that they absolutely couldn't stand the BM, and they tell me they are so thankful I brought their happy son back into their lives. After dinner I wanted to give my FH time alone with his parents so I took the kids back up to the hotel room for the 3 of us to hang out. We watched some TV and they called their mom. She was drilling them about what was going on, and kept thinking they were left alone in the room. Finally I heard SD say, "no mom...SIT is with us"...then a lot of "uh huh uh huh's" and goodbye. They both rushed off and seemed bored talking to her. FH got back to the room and we played charades for about an hour. It was so funny!

**I do need to mention that during my alone time with the kids, my SS14 tells me that BM's BF is going to buy a shotgun for him when he saves up enough money. WTF? I asked him what his mom thinks about this, and he said she doesn't know yet and swore me to secrecy not to tell my FH. I told him he needs to tell his dad before he finds out otherwise, but I told my FH right away. I am so happy my SS feels like he can trust me, but FH still needs to know about this. What the hell is wrong with this BF secretly buying a 14 year old a shotgun. Um, isn't this something the parents should be deciding? Ugh.

Sunday we got up and all had breakfast with FH's parents and then played some games and cards with the kids most of the day. We all had a really nice family weekend, and got them home just in time for BM to show up to pick them up. My SS14 yelled and said, "bye guys, love you". Not "bye dad". Hmmmm...am I finally breaking him down with love?

Oh, and a little funny for anyone that's been following my other blogs about the BM...the whole soap thing. I think I figured out that her rash isn't from the soap. It's only on her legs, and I think it's from her razor her mom got her. But who am I? That's right...the bigger person...so I sent SD home with a different razor to have her see if that does the trick.

I am on the road again for work this week (and feeling a lot like Mr. Clooney right now), and won't see the kids for 2 weeks because they are with their mom for spring break next week. It's weird not seeing them during the week this month. I am so excited to have a weekend with just my FH, but dare I say I miss the kids? :)


  1. My legs get a rash, I am allergic to something in certain soap/bath products... I found that one of the issues was my shaving cream, so you might want to look into that also.

    It seems like things are going really well for you and that everyone seems pretty happy!

  2. Thanks Step In Mom,
    She doesn't use shaving cream right now...just the soap that's on her razor. So, hopefully this will squash the whole issue :)