Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie: The Other Woman - My Official Review

Ok, so since this title had been going around a lot recently I had ordered it from the library and with hubby out of town I sat down tonight to watch it on my own.

Boy o boy, break out the Kleenex! I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone who has not seen it, but I am going to put a disclaimer that this movie is more about grieving the loss of a baby while also being part of a step family. I didn't think so much of the movie would surround that, but it did. So, warning to all of the other stepmoms who have recently lost babies like myself or those of you that are pregnant right prepared.

There are so many things that are dead on for me in this movie that really have nothing to do with the fact that their relationship started as an affair. Things like how others might treat you different when they find out you are the "step"mom. How the kids repeat hurtful things BM says about you. How BM acts like you mean nothing, and how the skid thinks everything mom says is gospel and you are wrong. Also the skid loves to point out that her family is not his family. There were times I found myself thinking "yep, been there". I think it also shows that the skids aren't always out to be mean or hurtful to us, and that stepmoms and stepkids can make their own type of relationship.

What you see in this movie is a woman struggling as a stepmom and losing her first baby. She struggles with her stepson possibly even more so because of her loss. I would say that it is as close of an accurate portrayal of the situation as I've ever seen in a movie to how I have felt personally. I think that it is a movie that shows the ups and downs and people trying to find their way in all of this. The BM is portrayed much more harshly than the stepmom, but that's what people would assume anyway of a woman scorned right? A mega-bitch.

So, take my review with whatever you will. If you decide to see the movie I think that you will finish it with a lot of food for thought.

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  1. Hi! I've recently come across your blog. the first post I read was this one - which prompted me to watch this movie immediately (I assumed it would be about some kind of affair when I saw the title at the video store). It was an amazing movie. I loved it so much I made my bf watch it with me again after. I came back to your blog and read every single post in order, from the beginning, and back to this one. I just want to thank you for showing me that I'm not alone, and that I'm not a monster for sometimes feeling the way that I do. This may all sound cheesy, but none the less, I thank you for doing the painful task of sometimes reliving your anger, pain, and grief for the sake of the rest of us step-moms (and future step-moms). I wish your family, but especially you, all the happiness in the world and to achieve everything you ever wanted out of life!